Charlotte Occasion Gaming Calendar for the month of February! Jot today down of us! There’s quite a bit to stay up for. Thanks to Koyobi for making this calendar.   POTIONS& PIXELS: -At Petra’s-… (https://www.fb.com/occasions/1187397851377550/) -At Draught- (https://www.fb.com/occasions/1639869996322796/) (https://www.fb.com/occasions/210776666058046/) ROCK’EM SOCK’EM FIGHTING GAME TOURNAMENT: (https://www.fb.com/occasions/1351771098231326/) 49ER E-SPORTS SOCIAL: (https://www.fb.com/occasions/254529388303626/) SAVE POINT VIDEO GAME STORE: -Avenue … Extra Charlotte Gamming Calendar – February

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