Making a Sport Room

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Instruments & Supplies

Energy drill
Wooden screws
TV wall mount
Wire covers
Surge protectors
Sq. desk
Gentle base coat of paint
Two darker shades of paint
Painter’s tape
Paint brushes

Getting Began

Use lighting to outline particular areas.

Grasp blackout shades to dam daytime glare on TV and digital screens.

Dedicate a room for video games.

Spotlights or ceiling monitor lights can gentle pool or card desk; use a flooring lamp to gentle a card desk.

Creating the Sport Desk

Paint recreation desk with checkerboard sample for checkers or chess.

Apply gentle base coat and let dry for twenty-four hours.

Mark grid with T-square and painter’s tape.

Use two coats of two darker colours for squares.

When first squares are dry, cowl with painter’s tape and paint even darker colour on uncovered squares.

Sq. prime works finest, 16 by 16 inches.

After second coat, take away tape earlier than paint dries.

Ending Up

Mount TV on wall swivel so you’ll be able to watch it from a number of areas within the room.

Flip wardrobe into cupboard for electronics by taking off again and putting in cabinets.

Use clips to manage electrical cords within the again or wind extra round organizer spool.

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