The east coast’s largest wargaming conference

The NOVA Open is a Washington, DC space tabletop wargaming conference with a robust give attention to organized play, charity, interest seminars, and social connection. Over 3,000 players attended in 2019. 

2020 will see the eleventh 12 months of the NOVA Open, whose origins are traced to a 32-person out of doors charity BBQ event held in 2009 in Springfield, VA. Its legacy occasions embrace a large Warhammer 40,000 GT, and greater than 100 participant occasions in X-Wing, Infinity, Warmachine, Malifaux, and lots of different giant organized play tracks in quite a few different recreation methods. 

The NOVA Open Charitable Basis is the sister group of the conference. NOVA Open helps the charity and underwrites greater than 80% of its bills. That is achieved by the generosity of this group and the dedication of NOVA Open’s volunteers. 

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