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Two Premium iOS Games Free for a Limited Time

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Two premium iOS games are free for a limited time in the App Store. You can now get Cytus II and Miracle Merchant at no charge. They normally cost $2 each. Although the games were released two to three years ago, we can say that these two are still worth playing.

Might as well check the other games that are on sale at the end of this article.


Cytus II

If you’re familiar with Konami‘s Dance Dance Revolution, Cytus II is just along the alley but this time, with your fingers. A sequel to Cytus, this rhythm game will make you bop your head while making your fingers dance. With songs from the different parts of the world ie: Japan, Korea, US, Europe, and more, it boasts 50+ songs included in the base game and 200+ in in-app purchases. The genres move from electronic, rock, and even classical music. This premium iOS game for free was recently updated two weeks ago with additional songs from DJMAX collab.

Cytus II‘s developer is Rayark International Limited. They are also the developer of different rhythm games such as Cytus, DEEMO, and VOEZ.

premium ios games free

Miracle Merchant

If you love playing Solitaire, mixing, and matching cards, Miracle Merchant is for you. The art may look like something from the Adventure Time but it is enjoyable and playable offline. A good game to pass the time as you mix and match the cards needed to brew a potion. The goal in this premium game is to brew a potion using the “ingredient” cards given. You will have to draw four cards to complete the ingredients with the customer’s card request in mind. Make sure not to hit a negative score as it will create a weak potion and will end the game. As it was downgraded to a freemium game, you can only play it at a certain number of times. Tasks, Daily Challenge, and book of potions are unavailable unless you’re ready to spend $2.

If you’re into solving mysteries, Alice Trapped in Wonderland is also free for a limited time. If building cities and simulations are your thing, Pocket City is on sale for $0.99 from its original $2.99. The biggest steal so far is This War of Mine, a simulation adventure game, that drops from $14.99 to $1.99.

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