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A unique fusion of engineering and art, computer games are a growing global phenomena, driving technological and cultural innovation. The study of games offers the opportunity to blend creativity and personal expression with technical development to tackle challenging engineering, social, and design problems.

UCSC offers a number of games-related degree programs both at the main campus in Santa Cruz as well as at the Silicon Valley Campus, including the B.S. in Computer Game Design, the M.S. and P.h.D. in Computational Media, a professional M.S. in Games and Playable Media, and the Digital Arts and New Media M.F.A.. 

The Center for Games and Playable Media hosts the M.S. program in Games and Playable Media and will launch a Master’s program in Serious Games this fall. The center also houses five games-related research labs, including the Expressive Intelligence Studio-one of the largest technical game research groups in the world. Consistently ranked among the top game design programs in the world, the programs at UCSC offer a variety of paths for students interested in games.


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