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Best Online Multiplayer Games for Nintendo Switch iMore 2020

The Nintendo Switch has been out for about two years and we’ve seen some seriously fantastic games released. Unfortunately, the Switch has been a little light when it comes to games supporting online multiplayer. While we hope to see some new games soon, here are some of the best games with online multiplayer available right now.

When it comes to getting a game going with friends, one of the very best options would have to be Splatoon 2. You can get together with three other friends and take on another team of four in a turf war, a splatter battle to cover everything you can with ink. The team with the most surface area coated in their color is the winner.

$59 at Amazon

Staff Favorite

The quintessential multiplayer party game is finally on the Nintendo Switch. While you might enjoy the up-to-eight-player brawling mayhem with local players on the couch, online mode is by far the best way to test your Smash skills with players from around the world. You can play for fun and giggles at any time, or you can try to rise through the ranks and play against tougher and tougher opponents with a variety of different rulesets.

$60 at Amazon

As the king of the battle royale style games, Fornite has an incredibly robust player-base. This means that you’ll never be waiting for people to play with. You can also join any of your friends on just about any other platform — unless of course, your friends are playing on PS4. If you want to get into some heated battle royale action, Fortnite is going to be your go-to on the Nintendo Switch. The best part? Fortnite is free to play!

Free at Nintendo

Mario Kart is a multiplayer stalwart. The only difference is that rather than turning on the couch and yelling at your friend who just banana peeled you, you can yell at them through your headset. Mario Kart is a killer game all on its own. It also happens to have great multiplayer and a robust community of players. If racing is your bag, it’s well worth the price.

$60 at Amazon

How about combining racing and soccer? Rocket League does just that and does it quite well. If you want some frenetic, over-the-top gameplay, then Rocket League is probably for you. In addition, it’s cross-platform so there is always a bunch of people to challenge.

$42 at Amazon

It was only a matter of time before Minecraft made its way to the Switch. Just about the only platform Minecraft isn’t on is the Etch-a-Sketch. You and your friends can dive deep below the earth to mine precious resources or stay up top to build the fortress of your dreams. Just like Rocket League, Minecraft is cross-platform so there is a massive community of people to interact with if you choose. It also has one of the easiest methods for your friends to join your game online.

$29 at Amazon

If you’re looking for a game that is a little more aggressive and blood-soaked, then you might want to pick up a copy of Doom for your Nintendo Switch. Doom is all about big guns and bigger monsters. The multiplayer is fast-paced and full of thrills and chills. It has a classic multiplayer feel that will bring you back to the days of games like Unreal Tournament or Halo.

$50 at Amazon

For those who have always wanted to play Diablo on a Nintendo system, Diablo III Eternal Collection is finally the way to go. The Eternal Collection contains all past updates and DLC, including the Necromancer class, and lets you play online with up to three others as you delve into the dark dungeons of Sanctuary and battle Hell’s foulest demons.

$40 at Amazon

If you already have Nintendo Switch Online (which you need anyway to play any of the games on this list online), then you automatically have free access to Tetris 99. In this Tetris-meets-battle-royale hybrid, you’ll compete against 99 others online to see who is the Tetris champ in this twist on the classic game. Since you likely have the online service anyway, this is probably the best deal on an excellent game the Switch has to offer.

Free with Nintendo Switch Online

Enjoy some of the best Nintendo Switch games online with friends

Nintendo has a history of games that bring players together. While past systems had to stick to couch co-op play, with online play, now you can play with friends anywhere in the world in a number of famous Nintendo titles. One of our personal favorites is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which provides a great option both for players who want to meet their match in one of the most famous fighting games out there, and for players who just want to use King K. Rool to punch Ganondorf in the face.

But if you don’t want to shell out $60 for a new title or feel intimidating by some of the more competitive games, Tetris 99 is another great choice. Since it comes free with the Nintendo Switch Online service, you don’t have to spend anything more than you already are, and the competition has an almost addictive quality as you bust through row after row trying to survive in this spin on both a classic title and a battle royale.

There is nothing quite like jumping online and playing a game with your friends. Nintendo is aware and seems to be making an effort to bring games to the Switch which will do just that. I am totally looking forward to seeing what other multiplayer experienced the Switch has in store for us.

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